The safest and most promising way for a foreign national to invest in property within Bali is to complete the process through a foreign-owned company, this is called PT PMA, which essentially is the certificate and right to build a structure.

With a PT PMA, this allows you to have the right to acquire the right to build and use certificates, which are typically valid for about 25 years, and can be extended to a total of 80 years.

Both licenses allow you to essentially be the owner of the property, there can be a process of inheritance towards family members. If the buyer is an Indonesian citizen, they are able to convert the

You can also purchase a new certificate once the old one expires, (with a maximum lease of 80 years)

There are, however some limitations that concern the Hak Pakai or the right of usage of the land, there can only be a right of use if a building is present on the selected land.

There is also a minimum value to the property, which must also be located within a touristic, trading area, or residential area, as purchasing land within agricultural zones is not permitted

One other aspect to always consider is that the purpose of one Hak Pakai, is always for personal usage, and one individual can possess only one Hak Pakai, or one property, however, it is completely possible to have several properties within the same Hak Pakai.