Good political stability

Political stability is imperative in investment—especially in investment tourism. 

Destinations with steady political environment tend to attract more visitors rather than those which not. Bali until now is known for its good political stability. 

From the investor’s perspective, destinations with political stability also seem more promising.

Steady political environment means that place can guarantee the visitors’ safety. Steadier means safer, too, and Bali can prove it. Without any intervention from outside, 

Bali itself is considered a peaceful place. Even there are some interventions (e.g. 2002 Bali bombings), Bali proves that it could revive in no time.

Abundant resources

Indonesia sure is a blessed country. Its land is peppered by forest, savannah, biodiversity, unique culture, and other valuable resources. Don’t forget about the abundant human resources. 

As a part of Indonesia’s amazing archipelago, Bali is also blessed with these resources. There are many attractions you can choose, ranging from beaches, mountains, to cultural experiences.

Bali is a little island that can give you a complete holiday. From diving to hiking, shopping to learning a new culture, all is provided in Bali. 

What’s more impressive is that there are still unspoiled resources. Tons of attractions you have known are actually just the tip of the iceberg. 

This makes Bali keeps developing and that’s why tourists are never bored to visit the Island of the Gods.

The steady development of infrastructure

Infrastructure is also a heavy consideration when it comes to investment. However, 

There’s no need to worry if you want to invest in Bali. In the past days, Bali was only known as a rice plantation, but now it is filled with world-class infrastructures like airport and highway. 

The local government always strives to improve the accessibility for the tourist.

In the recent update, Bali is approved for 14 infrastructure projects in 2020-2024. Some of them are Gilimanuk-Denpasar highway and drinking water system. 

The local government allocated a budget of IDR2,058 trillion for these projects, 30% from APBN and the rest will be collected from private companies.

A perfect melting pot of cultures

At all times, Bali is known as an international holiday destination. The island is not only flocked by locals but also foreign travelers. 

This fact makes Bali become a melting pot of cultures for a long time. You can easily found the diversity of cultures just by strolling on the streets in Bali. 

Cultural acculturation is everywhere in Bali since expat communities are welcomed by Balinese. 

It makes Bali have such charm that can’t be found in other places.

Bali has abundant resources and good accessibility. The island has a strategic location that lies along major seas (the Pacific and Indian Oceans). It makes Bali always open for business opportunities, especially in the tourism sector. 

Bali has a steady political environment, which creates a safe haven for travellers.

 It also has become a melting pot of cultures for a long time. With these elements, investment tourism in Bali keeps thriving.

Article retrieved from: www.investindonesia.com