Villa Oiseau Paradis

The minute you step in the door of Villa Oiseau Paradis, you will immediately be welcomed by the calm view of the swimming pool and lush trees of the jungle. Our villa is bordered by a small river running through the rainforest. 

It is located far away from the main road thus, you will not hear any car noise. Our villa name, ‘Oiseau’ which means birds, and ‘Paradis’ which means paradise in French, was inspired by the chirping of birds in the tropical paradise.

 The surrounding environment is kept as natural as possible, so you can wake up to the chirping of birds and fall asleep with the natural white noise of bugs. 

The sunken outdoor lounge by the pool is the perfect place to have afternoon aperitif and cocktails during the golden hours. We have a menu in which you could order alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages as well as various types of pizza and a full Western meal. 

We have a complete menu for brunch, lunch and dinner, dessert, and kids’ meals. You could order and have a romantic dinner under the bright stars and the coconut tree at the sunken outdoor lounge. 

Both the bedrooms have a direct view of the jungle. What could be more romantic than being in bed together with your loved one, watching fireflies casting their light over the dense jungle view?

 However, since it’s close to the jungle, do be prepared for bugs and bring some insect repellant. The door is a full-size window and transparent. At night, the full window can be closed by a blackout curtain for a comfortable sleep. 

Other things to note

Our villa is designed to immerse you in the beauty of nature while embracing sustainable living. This extraordinary abode eschews traditional air conditioning in the living room, instead inviting the warm tropical breeze to serenade its inhabitants.



Floor Plan