Villa Orion

Welcome to Villa Orion, an eco-conscious sanctuary nestled in the lush landscapes of Teges, Ubud. This five-bedroom villa harmoniously combines traditional Balinese wooden architecture with sustainable living, creating a space that not only offers luxury but also nurtures the environment.

Embracing green technology, Villa Orion proudly operates on solar power. Each day, our solar panels generate clean energy, contributing to the preservation of our planet. By choosing Villa Orion, you become a part of our eco-friendly journey, helping to save approximately 10 trees daily.

Upon entering Villa Orion, you’re greeted by a warm, inviting atmosphere, where intricate wooden designs interlace with the lush outdoors, echoing our commitment to eco-living. The villa’s unique architecture is a testament to our philosophy of sustainable luxury, ensuring your stay is both indulgent and environmentally conscious.

The heart of the villa is its sunken living area, surrounded by floor-to-ceiling glass windows that frame the verdant Ubud landscape. Furnished elegantly, this space is a serene spot for relaxation, conversation, and connection with nature.

Each bedroom in Villa Orion is a haven of eco-luxury. Furnished with sustainable materials and equipped with eco-friendly amenities, they offer a choice of twin single beds or a double bed, ensuring your comfort while respecting the planet. Two of the en-suite bathrooms feature luxurious soaking tubs, inviting you to unwind in an eco-conscious manner.

The villa’s private swimming pool is a testament to our green approach. Nestled amid a beautifully landscaped garden with native plants, it provides a natural cooling system for the surrounding area. Lounge on eco-friendly sunbeds or relax in the poolside gazebo, all designed with sustainability in mind.

In line with our commitment to the environment, Villa Orion includes a dedicated spa area that blends seamlessly with the natural surroundings. Indulge in organic treatments and therapies, using locally sourced, natural products that ensure your well-being while protecting the environment.

Located just 5 minutes from the heart of Ubud, Villa Orion is perfectly positioned for you to explore the area’s natural beauty and cultural richness. From organic cafes and local artisanal markets to eco-friendly activities like cycling and yoga, the best of Ubud is at your doorstep.

Book your stay at Villa Orion and immerse yourself in a world where stylish meets sustainability, all in the heart of Ubud’s enchanting Teges area. Experience the ultimate in eco-conscious living without compromising on comfort or style.

Other things to note

Our villa is designed to immerse you in the beauty of nature while embracing sustainable living. This extraordinary abode eschews traditional air conditioning in the living room, instead inviting the warm tropical breeze to serenade its inhabitants.



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