Villa Ubud Paradise

Enter the villa and immediately you are greeted by a truly spectacular sight, Ubud’s arching rice fields that create a perimeter of peace, secluded serenity and a breeze that stays with you throughout every moment of every day. This fully equipped villa allows you to open all doors and create a naturally cool, airy and breezy atmosphere that emanates calm throughout the entirety of the villa. 

The  swimming pool located just in front of the living area accompanies the undoubtedly green pastures and nature just ahead of you, within an arm’s reach.

Villa Ubud Paradise, with its  5 bedrooms and a kitchen that is amply equipped for you to whip up some incredible dishes whilst enjoying the breeze and the view, this villa truly stands out! 

Each room has a smart and fully capable HDTV for your netflix access within the great serenities of Ubud, each room also has a unique and long seating area/sofa that is plush against the window, perfect for early morning reading sessions!



Floor Plan